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Enquiry 4:  
Why should our memorial be built?
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Learning Objectives:

To consider the significance
of conflicts in their historical contexts and in the present day.

To present a coherent, structured and substantiated argument as appropriate to audience and purpose.
English Curriulum:
To speak fluently and appropriately in different contexts, adapting their talk
for a range of purposes and audiences, including the
more formal.
Pupils will learn to structure their talk clearly, using markers so that their listeners can follow the line of thought;
use illustrations, evidence and anecdote to enrich and explain their ideas; use gesture, tone, pace and rhetorical devices for emphasis; use visual aids and images to enhance communication. They will learn to vary word choices, including technical vocabulary, and sentence structure for different audiences. They will evaluate the effectiveness of their speech and consider how to adapt it to a range of situations.
Persuasive language bingo: using the bingo sheet (slide 2 on PPT) and an example of a ‘great speech’, (e.g. ‘I have a Dream’, Pitt’s anti-slavery speech, Mandela on Make Poverty History – see Banham/Hall document), students consider the criteria for a ‘great’ speech.

Dragon’s Den: Students each justify their design for a memorial in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style presentation using persuasive language. They will need time (including homework?) to create an effective presentation based on analysis of other good speeches/presentations. However, do not forget the content of the presentation in terms of the agreed ‘success criteria’ for the memorials and the particular event that the memorial is designed for. Students watching use the bingo sheet to conduct peer assessment and provide focus during discussion and feedback.

Conclusion: Students finally examine the memorials that actually exist to conflicts since 1945 at the National Memorial Arboretum using a virtual tour. Compare the design and evaluate the existing memorials using the same criteria.
Dragon’s Den pdf

What makes a great
   speech (Banham /Hall)
1-2 lessons (all pupils)
G & T: Visit to National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire to compare to real designs.