Enquiry 6:  Persuading Others
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Why should our memorial be built?
About this unit                            
Teaching Ideas
Main Learning Outcome:

Pupils enter “the Dragon’s Den” to persuade others that their conflict should be remembered and that their design is an appropriate form of commemoration.
Learning Objectives:

History 1.5a:
• To consider the significance
  of conflicts in their historical  
  contexts and in the present day.

History 2.3a and 2.3b:
• To present a coherent, structured
  and substantiated argument as
  appropriate to audience and

Continue to develop skills as team workers.
Effective participators:  
• Try to influence others by
  presenting a persuasive case for
• To organise time and resources,
  prioritising actions and managing
  the group.
Teacher models substantiating a case, using persuasive language and presentational skills. The activities and resources in Resource 6 can be used to support this.

As with Enquiry 5, clear success criteria should be co-constructed with the class and self and peer assessmentstrategies can be used (for example: Persuasive Bingo, Three stars and a wish, X Factor peer assessment, Speed-date peer assessment).  

Pupils present their case, appropriate to audience, in the setting of “the Dragon’s Den”.
Resource 6
What makes a great persuasive speech?
(by Dale Banham &
Russell Hall):
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