Enquiry 2: Investigating your locality
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What conflicts have been commemorated or ignored in our local area?
About this unit                                    Teaching ideas
Main Learning Outcome:

Pupils explore local war memorials, where they have been sited and how British involvement in that conflict has been represented.
Learning Objectives:

History 1.5a:
• To consider the significance of conflicts in a local context.

History 2a:
• To identify select and use evidence from the historic environment.

Geography: 1.1b Place:
• Developing ‘geographical imaginations’ of places.

Geography: 2.2 Fieldwork and out-of-class learning:
• Select and use fieldwork tools and techniques appropriately, safely and efficiently. These include using ICT, such as digital and video cameras and GIS.

Geography: 2.3b Graphicacy and visual literacy

• Construct maps and plans at a variety of scales, using graphical techniques to present evidence.

Design & Technology
1.2a Cultural understanding
• Understanding how products evolve according to users’ and designers’ needs, beliefs, ethics and values and how they are influenced by local customs and traditions and available materials.

1.4 Critical evaluation
• Analysing existing products and solutions to inform designing and making.

Independent enquirers and creative thinkers:
• To explore events from different perspectives and to ask questions to extend their thinking.
• Teacher organises a tour of immediate area, either through a visit, a virtual tour or as homework.

• Pupils to map where particular memorials are located and note key features (e.g. annotated photograph to show location, materials used, architectural style, epitaph/inscriptions).

• In class pupils place their photographs on a layers of inference diagram and discuss what each memorial tells us about:
          (a) The conflict.
          (b) How people at the time the memorial was constructed wanted that conflict to be remembered. What does it suggest about the attitudes and values of those who constructed the memorial?

• In class refer to world map/ timeline constructed during Enquiry 1 to spot conflicts that are not commemorated locally, discussing possible reasons why.